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"While every nation, every person, every living thing on the earth seeks to maintain  its survival, the only way to ensure that survival is by learning to coexist with others who are vastly different."
                                                                                                                                        --from Unit 1, Action through Words

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  • Action through Words
    is an online study course that helps users expand their knowledge of the English language and communication skills while deepening their knowledge of the history and workings of the United Nations. 
    Designed for new staff members or for anyone
    wanting to explore more about the work of the UN -- especially those working at duty stations where access to formal language training is limited. 
  • Action through Words
    is a tool to assist learners in increasing their knowledge of one of the Organization’s working languages as they increase their knowledge of the workings of the Organization itself. 
    It can serve as a vehicle for promoting greater understanding of the work of the United Nations through the teaching of one of the Organization’s working languages.

Here are some of the interesting topics covered in the learning units:

The idea for a "United Nations'

5  The UN Peacekeepers  9 The UN's Sustainable Development Goals
Sectors of the United Nations Efforts to Promote World Literacy 10 The UN and the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
On a United Nations mission The United Nations and the HIV-AIDS crisis 11 UNESCO's World Heritage List
 The Goodwill Ambassadors "Micro-credit": raising the status of women 12 The UN's Nobel prizes
   PLUS:   Presentation Skills    
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