Unit 5
  Who are the UN Peacekeepers?


Peacekeepers Who are the UN Peacekeepers?

Who are the United Nations peacekeepers and where do they come from?  What role do they play in setting a "calmer stage" in a conflict situation -- so that it is more likely a negotiated solution to the conflict can be found and the conditions of peace can be restored?  What are the special challenges peacekeepers face in carrying out their mandate -- and what conditions are necessary to their carrying it our successfully?  

These are some of the questions this unit explores in its reading and listening comprehension passages. The unit's "Writing Task" provides a chance for learners to write a proposal to go on a peacekeeping mission.

Reading and listening comprehension exercises provide information about the  role and origin of UN peacekeeping as they provide practice with the four skills of English.  To begin, click "Reading Passage".

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