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                                            What To Expect In Each Unit

Unit introductions give a general idea of the subject matter covered in each unit. 

Reading passages allow you to improve your English reading skills and learn important information about the United Nations. These passages include highlighted vocabulary. Click the highlighted terms if you need a definition of that word.
At the end of each reading passage you can find vocabulary puzzles and comprehension questions. Use these activities to assess your own understanding.
Grammar sections in each unit present grammar points from the reading and include grammar practice activities to apply your new skills.

Writing sections for each unit provide you with example texts, and helpful writing structures

Listening sections provide challenging listening passages on topics related to the unit. In the listening sections you can also find transcripts and comprehension questions
Different Ways To Use This Course
  • Following units consecutively from the beginning to the end of the course
    Users who wish to follow the course units consecutively from beginning to end will notice that themes are often connected, with subject-matter in later units referring back to that in earlier units. Also, vocabulary items introduced in earlier units are often encountered again in later units.
  • Starting with the units that look interesting to YOU!
    Each course unit in Action through Words is self-contained; that is, users can select units inde-pendently, choosing each on the basis of personal interest in content or grammatical focus. 

  • Succeeding with Action Through Words
    * Incorporate self-study into your weekly routine.
    * Find a regular time each week to work with Action Through Words.

  • Staying with it
    "Education is not a race. It's not who finishes his learning first that counts -- it's who stays with it the longest."

    So, stay with your learning, enjoy your learning, and enhance your ability to contribute to your work through your learning.
Sample Unit - Unit One - Have fun!